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Recent literary heroes

Joan is an award winning writer, an editor and a community activist with a decorated history. Among other things, she was one of the founders of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. Joan's writing is incredibly powerful, moving and sensual.  

Joan Nestle

A fragile union

Author of other fabulous works such as The Slap and Barracuda. I would describe his writing as extremely honest, brutal at times. His ability to create tension and depth in characters in just a few lines is second to none. 

Christos Tsiolkas

Merciless Gods

The trilogy comprises three books: If This Is a Man, The Truce and The Drowned and the Saved. I recently re-read this after many many years, I think it should be compulsory reading in these pre-fascist times. What are you waiting for?

Primo Levi

Auschwitz Trilogy

Este es el último que me he leído, pero todas sus obras sobre la guerra civil, planteadas como un homenaje a Los Episodios Nacionales, me parecen absolutamente esenciales.

Almudena Grandes

Los Pacientes del Doctor Garcia

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